About This Project

It’s an incredible honour to be entrusted with designing a couple’s home interior. I’m up for the challenge and excited to contribute to making their dream come true. They had a very clear vision: They wanted everything to be white and minimalist, with some touches of wood color. I was intrigued by the challenge and excited to get to work.

Soon I found myself getting creative about how to make their vision come true.

As I worked on the project, something changed inside me. The more we collaborated, the more connected we felt as a team. It wasn’t just me designing for them anymore; it felt like we were creating something together.

In the end, our hard work paid off! The finished product was stunning—all white walls, furniture, and décor that blended together perfectly. I felt so proud of our accomplishment and of the relationship we had developed through the process.

Click the link to see the actual work after it was installed.

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