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Welcome to a world of articles that will inspire, empower, and elevate your projects to new heights.

iX Catalog Pro

Our catalog is carefully curated to offer you a diverse selection of articles.

It goes beyond kitchens to cater to a multitude of needs. With the help of our miscellaneous section, you can effortlessly handle claddings, creating stunning accent walls or unique architectural features.

Send us your drawings, and with the help of our exceptional catalog, we will bring them to fruition.

Inspiration Videos

It consists of different modeling’s included:

  • Modern Kitchens 
  • Classic Kitchens
  • TV Cabinets 
  • Bathroom Cabinets 
  • Study Room 
  • Decoration & Shelving 

we ask you to watch the playlist avaialbe on our YouTube Channel to see the abilities of the "Designer's Catalog" in imos.

Introducing our UI, the epitome of user-friendliness!

The UI

Designed with utmost care and attention to detail, our interface is a seamless blend of simplicity and functionality.

Designed with utmost care and attention to detail, our interface is a seamless blend of simplicity and functionality.

Articles inside DB

Machining approved

Front Models

Non Symmetric fronts

Handle Models

Plus Gola Profile


Melamine | PVC | PU ...


Base | Wall | Tall ...

How can XML catalog help?

XML catalog brings a UI (User Interface) that helps the planners to work faster and reduce the risk of mistaking. 

Why is your catalog different?

It is a plug and play solution that covers most of your needs for kitchen, closet, decoration businesses.

How much will it Cost?

We have a range of products and it depends on what is your requirements but it starts from 4900 Euro

What if my hardware is not listed?

There are two options, either you send us your requirements and we will add or you will get the training videos and sessions to do it yourself. 

Which brands are already there?

Hettich, Blum, FGV, Mixal, Opes, Camar, Cinneto, Mixal, Hailo, Emuca, Bosetti and Marella, Viefe, Citterio & ... 

How much time does it take to be delivered?

The catalog is ready for installation on your system immediately. 

How many days of training do we need?

There are videos on our YouTube channel showing how you can use this catalog for your products but you need installation and and a briefing that takes around 3 days. 

Does it support calculation for invoicing?

Yes, there are different variables inside the DB that makes it possible to define your own pricing strategy.

Can I try it before buying it?

Yes, we can give you access by Anydesk and work with it while we are present to help you with your questions. 

Which worktops is supported?

Solid Surface, Quartz, Natural Stones, HPL, Solid Wood, Compact Laminate

The exquisite world of cabinet doors with our extensive collection of models.

Doors Brochure

Browse our catalog today and unlock the endless possibilities for a dream kitchen. Let our array of models inspire you to create a space that not only fulfills functional needs but also reflects a personal style. 

Remember, this is just a starting point. Feel free to customize and add any specific details that make your models stand out.

Any thing missed?

Feel free to send us a message or book a demo!

A guide how to adjust the exposure for rendering in imos

Lighting Settings

You can see how you can rotate the sun light and adjust the exposure for the room and the difference between them.


Start your journey towards mastering the art of rendering in imos.